Frequently Asked Questions SocialSEOs

Q: Do I need to pay for Registration?
A: No, registration is completely free; you just need a valid email address
Q: I'm an employer, I need to know the whole process for my campaign
A: please check in Employer guideline (click here)
Q:I'm a worker, I need to know the whole process for completing a successful job?
A: please check in worker's guideline (click here)
Q: What is Wallet Balance and cash balance?
A: Wallet Balance is total amount of vouchers and refunds by system, which is non-withdrawable, but can be used on our platform to start a new campaign.
   Cash balance is a total amount of earning by jobs, referrals and deposits, which can be withdrawn / cashed out or used to start a new campaign - and also to generate vouchers.
Success rate
Q: What is Success rate?
A: Success rate is an important part for worker reputation and working experience.
You must only accept jobs that you are capable of completing successfully.
Submitting incorrect proof will be result in a 'Not Satisfied' mark and your success rate will go down.
You must maintain your success rate above 25%
Q: How is Success Rate calculated?
A: Success rate is calculated on your Satisfied & Not Satisfied tasks which you have done since you have joined.
If you have more 'Not Satisfied' jobs more than 'Satisfied' jobs, then your success rate will go down. 
You must maintain your success rate at all times only by selecting job in which you are capable of completing successfully.
(pending tasks do not count in the success rate calculation)
Q: I can't do any jobs as it says my success rate is down?
If your Success rate falls below 25%, will not be able to submit tasks or withdraw funds. This is prevented automatically by our system.
If you feel that an Employer misrated you, please contact support immediately with the job details and we'll investigate your proof. If you are right, then we'll reset your success-rate.
Referral system 
Q: How does the Referral System work? 
A: Click here  for full details on the referral system. Find out how you can make money every day!
Q: What is the Signup-Bonus and How can I use it?
A: When you signup you get a Signup Bonus deposited into your Wallet balance instantly.
Signup bonus can be used to start a new campaign (if you have employer priviledges).
Q: Will my account ever be suspended?
No, unless in the rare situation that you're spamming and causing all kinds of trouble in our network. Other than that, in normal cases your account will never be suspended. However, you must log-in at least once every 30 days or your balance will expire.
Vouchers / Coupons (currently unavailable)
Q: How does a Voucher or Coupon work?
Members can generate a voucher if they have sufficient balance in their withdrawable balance.
Vouchers are free of cost to generate or redeem
Generated vouchers can be used and redeemed on our platform only
Generated voucher codes are for one-time use only and is valid for 1 year
Voucher codes are delivered by email 
Members can send voucher codes to their friends as a gift or to share balance
Q: I have another question, can I contact you?
A: We will be happy to assist you with any issues or guidelines related to our site.
If you're a member, simply login and contact us by opening a support ticket. We'll reply at the earliest.
If you not a member yet, you can still contact us by clicking 'Contact' from top menu.
To Your Success, 
The SocialSEOs Team