Employer's Guidelines SocialSEOs

Employers can start any Campaign mode as follows:

  1.  USA / UK/ AU /CA campaign 
    If you need workers from USA/ UK/ AU/ CA/ or only from USA, you can select this campaign.
    Workers from these countries will be able to complete your job and submit proof.

  2.  International 
    If you're fine with workers from anywhere around the world, you can select this campaign. Project will be completed much faster with International workers.

  3. Selected / Limited Countries
    You can select your targeted countries (minimum 20) from a list of countries, workers from your selected countries will be allowed to complete your tasks and submit proof. You can change the countries later and can also increase workers.

  4. Hired Group
    You can make a group of your best workers by selecting 'best workers' from MyCampaign --> Add workers to my group.
    You can select best workers by Country, Success-rate or by best workers in your campaign category.
    Only hired workers will be notified and will be able to do the job. You can also change hired workers later or edit/remove/add more workers from edit job menu.

  5. Paid to Click
    If you need visitors to your site or promoting any product, then a PTC campaign is the best choice for you.
    You will get the complete list of all visitors with IP address to verify.
    PTC Campaign doesn't require workers to submit proof, but only verified visits will be paid.
Category / Sub-Category
You can select any category for the campaign so that workers can find your job easily.
If you require more than one proof (example signup for two sites) you'll need to select the right sub-category,
  • You can edit, increase workers, temporarily pause or cancel campaigns at anytime.
  • All Campaigns requires workers to submit proof (except PTC).
  • You can decide on the amount you want pay workers on all campaigns.
For All Campaigns, IP addresses will be provided to avoid spamming and to maintain quality of work.
You will pay for work that you are satisfied with. 'Not-satisfied' or 'Pending Proof' will not be paid.


Posting a Job / Campaign

  1. Select the type of campaign as required according to your task.
  2. Fill out the details of your campaign and required proof from workers (except PTC campaign).
  3. After completing the details and required proof, click create my campaign.
  4. Deposit funds into your campaign account and complete the payment.
  5. Your campaign will be active and available to workers.


Checking Proof
  1. Workers will submit proof and you'll need to log into the site to check proof

  2. If you're SATISFIED
    Mark workers as I'm satisfied so worker will be paid 

  3. If you are Not-SATISFIED,
    Click I'm not satisfied and follow instructions
    Worker will not be paid.

  4. You can decide if you want to give workers another chance for correction, so they can re-submit/edit the proof. 
  5. If you're satisfied with resubmitted proof, click on I'm satisfied and the worker will be paid.
  6. If you're still not satisfied, this task will be scheduled to be deleted by our system.
If any worker provides you with fake proof or spam:
With all submitted proof, you'll have an option to Mark Spam while checking proof. If any worker sends you spam messages or fake proof, mark them as SPAM. This worker will be permanently marked Not-Satisfied and an Alert notification will be sent to administration for further action.


General questions:
Q: What if my campaign reaches completion and I still have not-satisfied the proofs?
  1. When campaign reaches completion and still has no satisfied tasks, you'll automatically get an option to re-activate campaign.

  2. Re-activation will delete all proofs marked not-satisfied (workers will not be paid) and new slots will open up for new workers

  3. Re-activation will not delete pending review proof(s)

  4. Previous deleted workers marked not-satisfied will not be able to redo this job and will not paid.
Q: Do I need to make a deposit to start a campaign?

It depends,
  1. You can deposit funds via any available payment method, or

  2. You can fund your balance by completing jobs posted by other members, as well as use any signup bonus to start a campaign
Q: How long should I wait to start my campaign after I finish deposit?
  1. All deposits will be instantly added to your balance, therefore you can start your campaign at any time.

Q: Do I need to wait for my campaign to be approved or active after payment is completed?

It depends,
  1. By default: all campaigns need to be approved by admin which takes up to 24 hours, But!

  2. If your account is setup for auto-approved campaigns, your campaign can start instantly

  3. You can contact admin to setup your employer account for auto-approved campaigns

  4. Once your account is set up for auto approved campaign, all your campaigns will be active instantly
Q: Can I cancel my Campaign?

      1. Yes, any time, just go to edit job menu and click "finished/cancel campaign"

      2. You can also pause your campaign temporarily

      3. All canceled campaigns are instantly refunded to your balance

      4. To check your total refundable amount, view "edit job menu"

      5. Proofs that are not satisfied will not be paid and permanently deleted

      6. Satisfied proofs which you've already paid for cannot be reversed

Q: Will I be charged any fees if my campaign is rejected?
  1. No: if your campaign is rejected, your full amount will be refunded back to your same funding source. No fees will ever be charged.

Q: Will I be charged if I cancel my campaign early?
  1. No: if you cancel your active campaign, no extra fees will be charged and you'll receive an instant refund on the balance.

  2. Please be advised: if you have any proofs pending review, you should review them first before cancellation.

  3. If you don't review pending proofs prior to canceling your campaign, they will be considered satisfied and will be paid out.

  4. Proofs that you're not satisfied with will never be paid at any time, at any cost - even if you cancel your campaign.
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